Cornerstone Deep Series Extras


Arched Spectrum of Realms


It’s so fantastic when others love Cornerstone Deep as much as I do. And it’s even more wonderful when others are inspired by them. This image was created by Anastasia Pergakis and is her interpretation of the spectrum of dimensions in the series. It’s perfect! 




Cole Shilo inspiration ~ Keanu Reeves

An introduction to the Cornerstone Deep series characters.



Images Used for Inspiration


Check out some of the pictures used for inspiration when The Transformation of Anna and Echoes were written. More will be added as the series progresses.



Poetry of the Chronicles

The poetry of the Chronicles of Shilo Manor is taken from the entries made into the Shilo family’s Candle Vignette, a record keeper and photo album.  When abridging the works, these writings were used to help portray the emotions felt by those involved.



The Transformation of Anna Original Short

This is the original passage I wrote of a dream.  It evolved into the Cornerstone Deep series. This piece is as it was written to remind me how it all began–poor writing and all!



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