Poetry of the Chronicles


The Chronicles of Shilo Manor, a record kept by the Sentinel family, Shilo, tell a story of undying love and dedication to the eternal soul. It is my duty as scribe to abridge these writings; the likes of which are foreign to my world, yet steeped with the history of my people.  My sole desire is to fulfill my bidding with honor.  I pray I do no injustice to the beauty of this pure language.  May the Gods guide my pen.”  –Scribed by Tyler Ballard, Officiator to the Noblemen, as written by the natural soul, translated by the power of such.

Spectrum position – Cornerstone Deep.

Dimension familiar – Terra.

City of Portal – Shilo.

Authorship – Shilo Manor Sentinels.


Entry Guide

Selections used in portraying the emotions experienced by those involved with the novels in the Cornerstone Deep series.

A stranger to this realm,
I am heir to time, heir to loss–
at lot to which there is no savior.
(Cole Shilo)
I see with the eyes of the ages.
My ears hear the hearts of the dead.
(Cole Shilo)
The bliss of innocence calls to my heart,
calmly, irrevocably.
My body yields and my mind wonders–
will I regret my surrender?
(Anna Sinclair)
Recollection taints my action.
Sordid deed, hide in shame.
I’ll own you not.
(Cole Shilo)
With rueful heart,
I claim ownership of my error.
I will rectify my wrong.
(Cole Shilo)
Droplets of existence litter my fall,
unhindered by guilt,
devoid of consequence–
and I breathe.
(Anna Sinclair)
I cast my existence before thee,
and entrust my nature,
ever uncommon, to thy care.
(Vincent Shilo)
Your ways are strange,
but stranger yet,
my acceptance of you engulfs my nature.
(Elaina Cantrell)
My heart has but one wish.
My Lady, return to me.
My soul longs for the bitter separation to end.
(Cole Shilo)
My lord, I pray thee,
occupy the hollow of my being.
(Anna Sinclair)
The heart blinds, the mind justifies,
yet fact claims its victory.
(Lord Kyle Dressen)
Experiences elude me. 
Phantoms shadow my mind.
Dreams of deficient retention.
Enemies to my soul.
(Anna Sinclair)
My life is a mirage of endless time.
But you engulf me, rivet my mind,
encompass my soul.
(Cole Shilo)
May love conquer time and deed.
Brother, I pray thee succeed.
(James Shilo)
Offer me hope ever small.
I will cling to it,
culture it,
and I will conquer.
(Cole Shilo)
Home of my heritage, call not to my heart.
Tragedy doeth keep me from thee.
(Cole Shilo)
My eyes are opened.
I conceive strength, power, destiny.
I am will.
(Lord Kyle Dressen)
Covenant of ages, stand beside thy servants.
Amid hazard offense, bestow justice.
(Shilo Brothers)
Creed of ages, harness my deeds.
Prudence expel my wrath.
(James Shilo)
Lucid yearnings wash my body bidding for completed works.
Fear of failure harnessed doings, yet my soul cries,
“Thou art mine.”
(Cole Shilo)
If only it were possible.
My soul for thine.
(Cole Shilo)
Bitter scents of latent treason
harbor in my anxious heart.
Trust of love, be thou sure, repel my rebuke.
(Vincent Shilo)
Ties that whisper, “life, heart and soul,”
assure thy binding power.
Suffer me not to lose my love.
(Elaina Cantrell)
God of Love, bid my heart’s reserve.
Touch my soul with ambrosia essence.
(Mianna Newton Shilo)
What does it mean to lose five lifetimes?
To you, my love, and me, an eternity together.
(Cole Shilo)
Entry Six

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