February 25, 2010

I’ve really done it now. I do enjoy writing, and have a huge desire to make my work as right as possible… But, Oh My Word! I signed up for my writing communities March Novel Writer Month! That’s right. MarNo WriMo! On a national level of course, it’s held in November. The National Novel Writer’s Month were writers cram to write a 50k word novel in thirty days. Okay, so in March, we have an extra day. Doable, right? Well, we bent the rules a bit. We can work on revising an existing novel or finish one we’ve already started. The goal being we stretch our abilities to complete more than we usually push ourselves to do. Me? Ahem… I committed to rewrite 250 pages of an Aumelan novel and write 10k on book two of Cornerstone Deep. *cringe* As I broke it down, That has me rewriting eight pages a day, and writing fresh 333 words a day. All-in-all, I’ll be dealing with 93,250 words in the month of March. What was I thinking!!! But I’m determined! And I’ll be keeping posts of my progress here. Wish me luck! A lot of it!