Expanding the First Draft

So, I’m revising the first draft of my Aumelan series. Book one started with a 63,000 word manuscript. So far, it’s up to 81,000. What happened to all the chopping? My characters! They demand a fuller experience. And if you’re one of those writers who can’t sleep unless you listen to your muse, you’ll understand. My concern? I’m only halfway through, and the plot is getting more involved.

Chad insisted I didn’t portray his feelings for Dae enough. She’s been at his side through every step he’s taken in the catacombs of The Hollow Hand, and he’s having a hard time keeping his position as master in check. (Even if Becca is his chosen.) With the freedom The World of the Sun offers, it’s even more difficult.

Salana claims I don’t express her loneliness to the degree she experiences it. She wants it known she’d do anything for Chad. Even leave behind her birthright.

These requests alone have expanded the novel. Styne, Becca, Eric, and Dae are putting on the pressure too. We’ll see what the word count grows to in a week…