Review by Becks – WDC Angel Army

The story is told in a very engaging manner and every chapter has its cliff-hanger. It is compelling and it makes the reader want to read on. There is always a hint here and there that makes the reader question a gesture, a scent (Almond), and the reasoning behind each character’s action. The story unravels and satisfies the reader’s curiosity just to present a new mystery. The story flows easily.

There are so many little details that fill the reader’s imagination. It is a fantasy world, a mirror image of Earth. Here prayers are answered and the gods are visible. Shilo Manor, Lord Dressen’s house are the main places where the action takes place. We also are taken on a tour of Shilo Park and enjoy a barbeque in Elaina’s parent’s garden.

Characters: Well rounded.

Cole – the eldest of the brother’s, seemingly well balanced but also lovesick.

James – tinker. He fixes everything and his attention to details makes him very useful around the house and organizing things.

Vincent – the youngest. Hot tempered, caring and loyal. Probably the most complex character of all brothers.

Anna/Mianna – Strong willed until she was put under the binding spell. After that she had no will of her own and was mostly a puppet in the hands of Lord Dressen. It was easy to see how easily she could be taken advantage of and I loved how her character was used to bring out the true natures of both Lord Dressen and Cole. How they react to her, how they treat her. It was very well done and it allowed the reader to feel the impact of their emotions. Mostly Cole’s emotions. It was gripping.

Elaina – She is sweet and dedicated to Vincent. She is also afraid and wants his approval. Her feelings feel rather immature and she seems to lacks confidence. Something she will probably grow into given that she is very young. 21? She is also a terrible liar.

Linda – needs someone to tell her she is worth it and beautiful after being abandoned by her husband. Her children were also taken away from her and she wants them back. She is a lot like James’s 1st wife? It is clear that he likes voluptuous women and she has made an impression on him.

Lord Dressen – rich. He can buy what he wants and he always gets what he wants, even if it requires that he come up with a law to do that.

I greatly enjoy fantasy books and what I liked about this one was that it was different. It was not set in the mountains of the woods, or in the usual villages and large cities. We have the different realms, but we remain in Terra and most of the action takes place within Shilo Manor or Lord Dressen’s house.

The story is very romantic and I am guessing that the target audience will most likely be women.

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