Sneak Peek: She’s Leaking…Stuff Everywhere

Vincent growled. “Where’s Linda? Isn’t their mother supposed to do this stuff?” Anger exploded and he punched the air, forcing a neon arch into the foyer’s heights. Sconces burst and marble bits showered the room.
sneezing mandyMandy’s face took shock. A high shriek pierced the air, an unbelievable octave erupting from such a tiny body. She threw her hands to her head, squeezing her eyes shut.

James cast him a visual reprimand and in a fluid motion, waved at the displacement before turning to kneel in front of the hysterical child. Shattered material whirled back into place before much of it hit the floor. A halo of fine dust lingered in the air, painting the dark cherry-wood banister and floor with white powder.

Mandy’s pleas ceased and Vincent’s ears rang with the sudden silence.

James leaned back away from the little girl. “Uh…”  He quickly patted his vest as if searching for something. “Quick, Vince, get a…”

A dramatic sneeze burst forth, Mandy’s arms jolting out to her side with the act. Several followed in quick succession.

“Vince, get a hanky!”

“A what?”

James swiveled with an impatient glare. “Get something! She’s leaking…stuff everywhere.”

A grin cracked the edges of his scowl. In all their years, he’d never seen this brother in such a disheveled state. He lifted a hand toward the coat rack and a streak of black zipped into his grasp. He held it out to James.

“That’s Cole’s cloak.”

Vincent sneered and shoved it at him, letting it drop to the floor. “Your point?”

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