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Cornerstone Deep just got a wonderful review from Deb at HEA Romances with a Little Kick.  It means so much to have people love the Chronicles and to know they look forward to more from the Shilos.  *big smile*

Check it out…

Deb’s Review :

Charlene Wilson is a new author to me, but I can guarantee you that Cornerstone Deep will not be the last book I read from this author. Cornerstone Deep is in a world of its own, and a book that I will enjoy revisiting again soon.

The Shilo brothers are a huge plus in this book. They are not from this world, but they have lived and adjusted to life here. To me, Cole is the head of the trio because you can feel the alpha vibes pouring off him. James is the soft, sweet one and Vince, let’s just say, sparks my interest.

The Shioh brother’s job on this world is to help with many things. They use their magic to take away the unpleasant memories of those in pain. They also work for Kyle Dressen, the Grand Marshall of the courts. This man is just nasty. He uses the brother’s powers as wizards to help bring people under his control.

This is Cole’s story, who is strong, sexy and yet has his flaws. That is what made him an amazing character. Four hundred years before, Cole found his true love in their home world, where souls return time after time like clockwork. It seems to work for his brothers, but there is a hitch for Cole. All he wants is to find his lost love. Unfortunately, he struggles with his aim, which is how he finds himself in his current predicament. *grins*

Anna’s character starts out as a pawn, but becomes a stronger role player as the story progresses. Anna’s soul searches for Cole; even with Lord Dressen setting her up to fail. I cannot wait to see what Mrs. Wilson does with this character in the future books.

Anna and Cole’s reaction for each other is sizzling hot. Anna is a precious gift for Cole that he handed away over four hundred years ago. Now Cole has to fight to gain what he has lost…his soul mate.

Cornerstone Deep has a well written, intriguing, suspenseful plotline. Add into that a cast of characters that bring it to life, and throw in a evil force, like Lord Dressen, who finds the brothers quite fun to play with and you have the makings of a book you just cannot put down.

Mrs. Wilson creates pure magic with the stroke of her pen. She has managed to “Rock My World”, and then some. Bring on the next book in this series.

Rated 5 Stilettos and a Recommend Read by Deb!

Sure do love the look of five Stilettos.  Lol.

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