November 2014 Newsletter

I hope you all have a lovely and safe, Autumny All Hallows Eve in whatever part of the world you’re in. We were wearing snuggly blankets on our hayrides and watching our breath steam as we sang. That bonfire was amazing and though I dressed up as Wendy of the restaurant, Wendy’s, there were plenty of ghosts and goolies out there too. Our High School band performed as zombies and our Mustang mascot graced us with MJ’s Thriller. Quite the entertainment!


Holiday Sale

The Cornerstone Deep books are on sale for the holidays right now! Get both for one low price in either e-book or paperback. Both can be signed, your e-copies via Authorgraph and paperback via my trusty pen. *wink*


BlogTalk Radio

I spent some time on BlogTalk Radio with Donna Wright last week and she is a complete delight!

Hummingbird Place BTR Interview


Looking Ahead

December 6th, I’ll be signing books at Krispy Kreme on Shackleford rd, Little Rock, from Noon – 3:00.

On December 15th at 11:30am EST, I’ll be on the G-Zone BTR with Giovanni Gelati.


That’s is for now, stay warm, stay happy, and most of all…

May your dreams be magical.



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