Character Corner: I love my job.

Bethany:  Charlene, come in.  We we’re just setting dinner on the table.  Linda made potato salad and put extra olives in it for you.

Charlene:  Mm.  Sounds good.

Elaina:  Hi, Charlene.  I made fresh rolls.  Um, did you want me to them topped with extra butter?

Charlene:  I’ll take some butter.  But all that extra cream stuff is Cole’s thing.  *pulls out a chair and wrinkles her nose*  There’s a spoon of peanut butter in my chair.

Bethany: Oh, for heaven’s sake. Linda, Mechenzie got into the peanut butter again!

Linda:  *enters the kitchen with, arms filled with stuffed toys*  Good grief.  The girls are so wound up.  They’re tearing up the place.

Charlene:  *chooses another seat*  Ah, motherhood.

Linda:  Did you have twins?  It’s more common on Earth, isn’t it?

Charlene:  Nope, no twins.  I wanted to experience that through you.

Linda:  *looks at the lot in her arms*  Thanks.  *drops the toys in a corner*  I’ll get that peanut butter.

Ben:  *enters and plops into a chair*  Here when food’s on the table again, eh?

Bethany:  Oh, Ben.  Charlene’s welcome here any time.  *sets a plate in front of Charlene*  I hope you like steak.

Charlene:  *looks at the large portion*  I don’t eat much meat, but this looks great.

Elaina:  Mother, you knew Charlene eats meat sparingly.

Bethany:  Oh, I’m so used to dishing out Ben’s I guess I got carried away.  *hands Ben his portion*

Ben:  Charlene, I’ll take it if you don’t want it.  *stuffs a chunk of meat into his mouth*

Charlene:  Ben, I knew I could count on you.

Ben:  *points his fork at Charlene*  And don’t you forget it.  I’m happy to oblige.

Charlene:  I hope you feel that way about a few other things too, Ben.

Ben:  Anything.  You needing some help with something?

Charlene:  Actually, I was thinking about the Shilos.

Ben:  *huffs*  Shilos.  An odd lot.  What have they gotten themselves into?

Elaina:  Daddy, they’re not…odd.

Ben:  Three men living alone at that shrouded mansion on the south side?  Nobody really knows anything about them.  They can’t be up to any good.

Linda:  Really, Dad.  They’re founder’s sons.  They don’t have to explain themselves to anyone.

Elaina:  I’ve met one, and he seems very nice.

Ben:  *eyes his daughter*  And how nice would that be?

Elaina:  *blushes*  Um, well, he’s very nice, actually.

Linda:  Do I catch a hint of infatuation in your voice, Little Sister?

Elaina:  Vincent is a very sweet man.

Bethany:  Oh, Elaina.  Is that the young man you’ve been seeing?

Ben:  What?  *stabs at another chunk of meat*  You’ve been seeing one of them and this is the first I’ve heard of it?

Elaina:  *sets the rolls on the table with a shaky hand*  Uh, you have been busy, Daddy.  I didn’t really want to bother you.

Ben:  *scoffs a snort*  More like you were skirting the inevitable.  How long has this been going on?

Elaina:  Oh, only a few months.

Ben:  *chokes on his food*  What?

Bethany:  Now, Ben.  *pats his shoulder*  Elaina is twenty-one.  She can see whomever she likes.

Ben:  She’s still my little girl!  I’m not having some stranger cart my daughter around.

Linda:  *laughs*  Everyone’s a stranger until you get to know them, Dad.

Ben:  *growls*

Elaina:  Well, Charlene introduced us.

Charlene:  Don’t worry, Ben.  Vincent is very caring and loyal.  And so are his brothers…James for instance.

Ben:  *glares at Charlene*  What have you got up your sleeve?

Charlene:  *forks at her potato salad and looks at Linda*  He wanted me to come and speak with you about courting Linda.

Linda:  *turns red and dabs at the peanutbutter*   He’s not…I mean, he doesn’t…

Charlene:  *smiles big*

Linda:  Oh, my god.  That big hunk of a man wants to get to know me?


Charlene:  *pats Ben’s pudgy hand*  Oh, it’ll be fine, Ben.

Bethany:  *sighs*  Just imagine.  Both our daughters with founder’s sons.

Ben:  *growls and leans toward Charlene*  I’ll get him for this.  He sent you because he knew I couldn’t argue with our author.

Charlene:  *smiles and fills her fork*  I do love wielding my power.

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