Meet Charlene

Come join me on the terrace. Pull up a seat or take a lounge. It’s beautiful here in the South.

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Hi, I’m Charlene. *waves hand* You can call me Char or Charle as long as we’re becoming friends.

I was just working on revisions and could really use the break. I swear my eyes are rooting into the “stare at the screen” position. *blink blink* *smile*

You want to know about me? Really? Well… Sit back and relax. I’ll get you a cold drink.

Though my life began in Tampa, Florida, I’ve lived all over the United States and even spent some time in England. Sure do miss the fish and chips.

I started writing in my youth when my vivid dreams stayed with me long after I had them. The people and worlds were so amazing and detailed it was like I knew them inside and out. You can meet them in my books. They’re alive there now, learning, loving, and experiencing everything they deserve.

Yes, I’m one of those authors whose characters speak to them non-stop. Conversations, thoughts, dreams… They all let me know what they should be doing in their lives. If I veer from their suggested path, they gnaw at my conscience until I change a whole section of the story to accommodate them. (Aumelan – World Beneath the Rock is a prime example. Chad and Salana insisted they belonged together, and Tara just wouldn’t agree to a sweeter disposition. It altered the entire outcome.) I may someday admit to the original draft. But I doubt it. They run the show.

I live in a small community in Arkansas. Yes, cows wander the field across the street, and I can sit on my deck in my robe if I wish without worry of probing eyes. I’ve worked in a variety of settings, from bookkeeper to detention deputy. Wow, to all the different personalities I’ve met.

I’m a mother of two beautiful children, married to the most patient man I know, and we share our home with a very shy Pekingese and a very chatty Cockatiel named Todder.

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