*Aumelan – Blessed of the Gods

Book One in the Aumelan Series.

Blessed of the Gods


Slave. Master. Rebellion.

Chad Aumelan turns his back on tradition to win the heart of his slave and break free of the law that forbids them to be together. He leaves his home in the World Beneath the Rock to search the World of the Sun for a way to live without an energy host.

He finds a priceless ally in Salana Goffin, a royal daughter of the Sun Nation. Together they search for answers. But Fate has another plan.

Blessed of the Gods is the first book in the award-winning Aumelan series. If you like stories of friendship, betrayal, love, and devotion, that examine the human condition, then you’ll love Charlene A. Wilson’s romantic fantasy.

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What they’re saying:

“Aumelan is much more than a love story. Ms. Wilson has crafted a masterpiece in which she closely examines the human condition: How far will we go as a society to survive? How far will we go as individuals for compassion? The literary genius is covertly wrapped in a delicious genre romance where readers are submerged in the lives of her characters and the fantastic sci-fi backdrop of their imperfect world. Make no mistake, Aumelan may easily become a classic to transcend time. A definite recommended read!” – Author J.D. Brown


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5 star Readers Choice
“Blessed Of The Gods: Aumelan Book 1 by Charlene A. Wilson is a romance that we all dream of reading. It is complex, enchanting, and very, very good. After a very long time, I finally got to read a paranormal romance that is not ridiculous. The novel was fun and charming, and the way it is written is just magical. You’ll sigh a lot when you read this novel. This is simply beautiful. Everything about this novel just makes you feel all gooey inside. You will love Chad for loving Dae so much, and you will admire Salana for her tenacity and level-headedness. Wilson is very talented and I hope I get to read the next book in the series soon. Wonderful, fantastic, incredible, and the cover image is amazing.”–Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite


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