Celebration – Book Two Release

Thumping his hands on his desk, Cole pushes his master’s chair back and jumps to his feet.  It rams into the wall and James looks up from his book.

Cole:  Break out the drinks.  We’re celebrating.  *heads for the door*

James: What?

Cole:  *sends a telepathic message to everyone*  In the parlor. Now!

Rushed footsteps pound from the floors above.  The twins dart from the kitchen.  Birdsong fills the receiving hall as a sparrow dives past them and into the family room.  Dressen lets himself in the front door, followed by several reporters.

Vincent:  *eyes Dressen then leans on the hearth*  What’s going on?

Cole:  This isn’t just a family council.

James:  *smiles, dimpling his cheeks*  Is this what I think it is? *pours Ambrosia.  Linda and Elaina pass them out.*

Cole:  *Leans back onto the sofa, pulling Mianna with him*  I’ll let Charlene do the honors.

Reporters poise their cameras at the door and wait.  Mandy and Mechenzie squeal and wiggle into a chair.  The doorknob turns and twitters pierce the air.  Dressen cocks a grin, glancing at his little friend.  Charlene enters.

Charlene:  Wow.  That was fast.  Is everybody here?

Cole:  I believe so.  *big smile*

Charlene:  Kyle, you even brought the press?

Dressen:  Most certainly.

Charlene:  *clears throat. Pats hair.*  Um…  I’m not a public speaker.

Dressen:  Allow me…

Cole:  Wait!  *tries to jump up and Mianna shifts to allow him to his feet*  If anyone’s going to announce this it’s going to be me.

Dressen:  This is my story as much as yours, Cole Shilo.

Vincent:  What?  Wait.  Charlene, is this about what I think it is?

Mianna: *jumps up*  It’s about book two, isn’t it?  Our story is getting published!  That’s it, isn’t it?  *twirls and the twins giggle and join her*

James laughs and pulls Linda into a hug.  Vincent jabs his fists toward the ceiling and sparks fly.  Elaina throws her arms around his neck.  The bird launches into wild flutters around the room.

Dressen: *looks at Cole*  To be released on February 15, 2012.  *folds his arms, a satisfied grin on his lips*

Cole: *scowls but can’t stop the smile that follows*

Cameras flash.

Charlene:  *looks around and her heart dances at the sight of her characters’ joy*

A tap sounds at the door and Ray enters.  He ups his brows and leans toward Charlene.

Rhune:  Am I late?

Charlene:  Let’s let them have some fun before I tell them you’re here for book three.  I have a feeling there are going to be some very mixed emotions when they find out.

Rhune:  *folds his muscular arms and looks at James*  Well, I know of at least one that won’t be too happy.

Charlene:  Give it time, Rhune.  Give it time.


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