Character Corner: Introduction to Cornerstone Deep

Mr. Ballard: Hello. My name is Tyler Ballard, Officiator to the Nobles. I’ve been called upon by Sir Cole Shilo to introduce our world.

Vincent: Actually, Charlene wanted us to pop in and share a little about ourselves. Leave it to Cole to pawn off the responsibility.

James: He delegated, Vince. There’s a difference.

Vincent: Well, Mr. Ballard will have to introduce more than their dimension for all this to make sense. We’re from Meridian, not Terra.

Cole: *pulls out a chair and cocks it to the side* Just let him handle this, Kid. *sits down, stretching his long legs in front of him*

Vincent: Could you at least hold back on calling me Kid in front of the blog readers?

James: Both of you could show a little more temperance in light of the moment.

Cole: *mumbles* Always the mediator.

Mr. Ballard: Sir Vincent is quite correct. These fine founders are not native to our dimension. They serve as Sentinels here on Terra. Or as it is known by its position in the spectrum of realms, Cornerstone Deep, as we share the supportive base. And I must say, it is an honor for me to have Ms. Wilson name her debut novel after my home plane. *glances at the Shilo brothers then clears his throat* Allow me to explain.

Vincent: *leans over to James* He could have at least allowed Charlene to create avatars to represent us.

Cole: I’m not being portrayed by a cartoon.

Vincent: A caricature. What’s so wrong with that? It’d help your disposition to laugh at yourself now and then. *turns away* Mianna would have loved it.

Cole: *jumps to his feet and speaks through his teeth* Leave her out of this.

James: *steps between the two and folds his formidable arms* That was uncalled for, Vince.

Vincent: Well, I’m certain Chad and Styne from her other novel, Aumelan, wouldn’t mind.

Mr. Ballard: *rearranges his notes and continues* As you know, a cornerstone is a vital part of any building or structure. In this case, you could think of an arch. It begins and ends with a cornerstone supporting each base. Midway sections join the meridian cap to the cornerstones to make the structure. As with this structure, our spectrum has planes named Meridian, Midway, and Cornerstone. Sirs Cole, James, and Vincent are from Meridian… *looks back at the brothers and ups his brows*

Vincent: *looks at Mr. Ballard with his onyx eyes*

James: *looks at Cole*

Cole: *sits back down, looks at Mr. Ballard, and nods, crossing his ankles*

Mr. Ballard: And possess the powers of that gifted central plane.

Vincent: *leans toward James* I know Elaina would love to help Charlene pick out a doll avatar to represent her.

Cole: *glares at Vincent*

Mr. Ballard: Our side of the spectrum’s arch is called Deep and the other side is called Summit. Hence, Cornerstone Deep.

Vincent: And face it, James. You wouldn’t mind seeing Linda in some of those getups they have to choose from.

Cole: *jumps to his feet again* That’s enough, Kid!

Vincent: Don’t call me Kid!

Cole: It’s your first life span. You’re a kid!

Vincent: *sparks dance along his fists* So three life spans make you an old brooding self-centered prick!

James: *scowls and reaches into Cole’s pocket, removing an envelope* Mr. Ballard, maybe you should take your leave before Vincent destroys the place.

Mr. Ballard: *accepts the envelope and stashes it in his pocket* Thank you, Sir Shilo. Always a pleasure doing business with you.

James: *turns back to his brothers and mumbles* I wonder how many times Charlene will have to deal with having her study blown up.




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