October 2016 News Updates

Hello, loves!

I do believe it’s Autumn time, finally! We’ve hit record highs here in Arkansas, USA, this summer. How about in your part of the world? Let me know, I love hearing from everyone around the globe!

With the cooler weather comes the season of traditions for my family. Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, is waiting for us at the end of October. But that doesn’t mean we have to wait til then to read up on some great Paranormal stories! Of course I lean toward the Romance side of Paranormal, but that’s my way. *wink*

For those of you who have Kindle Unlimited, you might check this group of books out…


(Just click on the image)

A lot of you like to know when great books are available so I thought I’d share. But I’m not one to spam, so if you’d rather me not let you know about things like this, please tell me by replying to this email!

I love the caramel apples and popcorn balls, but as a gesture of love, we also place goodies out for those in our family who have passed away. Many believe All Hallows Eve is when the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest.

What kind of Halloween traditions do you enjoy?


In the Writing Cave

Things have taken a little bit different direction in my writing cave this last month. Instead of working on book two of Aumelan the way I have been, I’ve created a special addition to the Cornerstone Deep series. Those of you who have read the series, know about the Shilo family’s Candle Vignette. It’s an enchanted record-keeper that looks much like a stout candle and the memories stored in it are viewed in the wide, luminous flame at the top. While I can’t reproduce the relic for all of you to keep your memories in, I can create a special journal with quotes by Cole and the gang. So that’s exactly what I did! It’s called Cornerstone Deep Series Vignette Journal, and the 6×9 paperback offers you nearly a years worth of journal space to write your magical moments in. You can get yours by clicking the image below or heading over to Amazon!


If you prefer to print your own, I do have a printable PDF version I’ve created especially for my VIP Readers. That’s you! This has 200 pages of one-sided print and are 8.5 x 11 with room on the left side to punch holes to fit in your binder or staple and use as is. Simply email me by replying to this newsletter and I’ll send it to you FREE! It looks great on beige parchment. *smile*


What’s Coming Up

Keep an eye out, because I’m still in the process of organizing a Review Team! You’ll have a chance to receive FREE books in exchange for honest reviews. I’ll keep you posted!


Well, that’s it for now. Stay happy and share the love!


Until next time,

May your dreams be magical.