Character Corner: Lord Dressen’s request

Charlene: I see. Would it help to have a scene between you two that’s a bit more…sensitive?

Dressen: *straightens in chair and smiles* Yes. Show that I’m not cold, power-seeking, and ruthless…that I’m as capable of showing love for her as Cole Shilo is.

Charlene: Oh. Well, I’ll try to work something in the storyline to express your…feelings for her better.

Dressen: *nods with a sigh as he stands* I’m glad we had this conversation. *tugs at his vest and looks at his watch* Now, I have matters to finalize.

Charlene: The new curfew?

Dressen: *holds up a finger to accentuate his point* It’s the only way. *turns and leaves*

Charlene: *smiles and swivels her chair to view the closet* Okay, he’s gone. You can come out now.

Anna: *opens the door and peeks out* Is he for real? *sits in the chair and shakes her head* He is so messed up. You’re really going to make him look all sensitive?

Charlene: *turns back to the computer* With his personality? *chuckles* There’s only so much that can be done.

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