Character Corner: My childhood. Grrr. This is impossible.

Vincent:  *leans arms on the kitchen table and wiggles pen in between his fingers.  Sighs then repositions the pad of paper and jots a few lines*

My childhood memories…  I grew up in Meridian.  Our manor was surrounded by trees with long branches that reached the ground like vines and I would climb them like ropes. 

James:  *sets a plate of muffins on table and glances at his writings.  Chuckles*  Charlene recruited you to do the childhood memories blog?

Vincent:  *rakes fingers through hair*  Yeah.  But how do I relate life in Meridian to the Cornerstone dimensions without having to explain everything?  *looks at his scribbling*  ‘Long branches that reach the ground like vines’.  I can’t very well just say the credial.  And this is the closest translation.  They don’t have those here.

Cole:  *cocks a chair to the side and sits, grabbing a muffin and reaching for the butter*  Talk about all the times Mother got on to you for loosing your temper and blowing up the place.  That would fill a room.

Vincent:  *sneers*

James:  Why not tell about the holidays to the other planes Father took us on.  Which one was your favorite?

Vincent:  The time we visited Cornerstone Summit.  But, I was legally an adult when he let me come with you guys.  This is supposed to be about my childhood.

James:  Well, our childhoods are short in comparison to our life spans.  And you were still very young.

Cole:  *laughs*  The trip to Earth?  *nods as he remembers*  Of course.  That would be your favorite.  The pharaoh’s daughter.

Vincent:  *smiles*  Yeah, I didn’t think Father would ever allow me through the portal again.  Didn’t think he’d ever let me set foot in public again.

James:  Well, you shouldn’t have blown up that statue.

Vincent:  That guy was way out of line.

James:  That guy was her brother and he caught you two in the stables.  You influenced that culture with that display.  They thought you were a god.  Father had every right to be angry.

Cole:  *leans toward Vincent*  So, tell me.  Was she worth it?

Vincent:  *smiles wider*

Cole:  Admit it.  She was your first.

Vincent:  I haven’t admitted that to you in all this time.  What makes you think I’ll admit it now?  *grimaces at his slip in wording*

Cole:  *laughs and spreads butter on his muffin*  I knew it.

Vincent:  *glowers over his paper*  So, you don’t think I should tell about the time I built that sand sculpture without manipulating the elements?

James:  These people do that all the time.

Vincent:  But it took a lot of time and patience.

Cole:  Ninety percent of the spectrum’s population has more patience than you do.

Vincent:  *scowls and leans back into his chair*  Then, I have nothing.

Charlene:  *enters kitchen*  How’s it going, Vince?

James:  Vincent thinks his childhood was too uneventful for this task, Charlene.

Charlene:  Oh?  *looks over Vincent’s shoulder at the few jotted sentences*  Oh.  Well, what about all the times you got in trouble for blowing things up?

Cole:  *chuckles and looks away*

Vincent:  *leers at Cole then scribbles on the paper*

Things happened.  I got mad.  Sparks came out.  I blew things up.  Mother got angry.  I got in trouble.

Vincent:  *tears paper from pad and hands it Charlene*  Okay.  There you go.  *looks out at blog readers*  Blog post done.

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