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As you know, last Thursday I had the opportunity to be interviewed by  Donna Brown on Book Bags and Cat Naps BlogTalk radio show.  We had a bit of technical difficulty and weren’t able to finish so we met again yesterday to continue our discussion.  She’s such a great hostess.  This time her sleeping cats napped around the room while we visited. Lol.  Thank you Martha for asking your question, “Where did you get the ideas for your series?”  Funny how both the Chronicles of Shilo Manor series and the Aumelan series happened to evolved from the same type of source.

We dove more into who the characters of Cornerstone Deep are and how they became who they are. We also went into more detail about the upcoming Cornerstone Deep Echoes blog tour and prizes that are going to be offered through the month of February to celebrate its release. Starting in January, I’ll have a whole page dedicated to the tour and prize giveaways with lots of ways to win. So watch for that!

Listen in on the player below to join us.  We expected a few “meows” to join in, but her kitties were happy and warm snuggled around her.  Good luck with that Christmas tree and your all those playful paws, Donna!  Lol.

Listen to internet radio with Donna M Brown on Blog Talk Radio

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