One for Kami Review by Gothic Mom’s Book Review

One for Kami is at Gothic Mom’s Book Review today and Annette gave it a sweet review.  Had to share! *big smile*


Today’s review is on One for Kami by Charlene Wilson

I have had the pleasure of reading two other books by Wilson, Cornerstone Deep & Cornerstone Deep Echoes.  So when asked to take a look at this short and sweet love story I jumped at the chance.

Wilson’s ability to touch your heart shines through in each of her books, and One for Kami is no different.  This tale of true love spans time and dimensions.  One for Kami is a story that will have you willing to give up everything for your one true love.

Some short stories lack character development or have a weak plot, while others simply leave you hanging, feeling like you just got the first few chapters of a decent book. You won’t get that here. And let me tell you, with my ever growing list of books TBR, it is nice to snuggle into a favorite chair with a cup of warm coco and a good; as Wilson calls it, “lunchtime read.”  One for Kami fits that bill perfectly.

Thank you so much, Annette!




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