Character Corner: Christmas wrapping

Cole: *walks in and quirks an eye* What’s all this?

James: *presses a bow to a present and sets it aside* We’re helping wrap Christmas presents.

Cole: They don’t celebrate Christmas on Cornerstone Deep. That’s a Cornerstone Summit tradition.

Vincent: Well, Charlene’s head is filled with it right now. And I gotta say, I like some of the ideas. *holds the mistletoe over Elaina’s head*

Elaina: What do you plan on doing with that?

Vincent: When you’re caught under the mistletoe, you get a kiss.

Elaina: Really? What’s a sprig got to do with a kiss?

Vincent: Beats me. But I’m playing it to my favor. *leans toward Elaina*

Cole: That mistletoe doesn’t have any berries left on it, Kid.

Vincent: Your point?

James: The opportunity of a kiss from a maiden ceases when all the berries are plucked off.

Cole: *folds his arms and chuckles* Thank you, James.

Vincent: *growls and throws it aside* There has to be more around Charlene’s head somewhere. *storms off to look*

Elaina: Really, Cole. What did you have to bring that up for? I would have kissed him anyway.

Cole: I just wanted to see if he’d buy it.

James: *hands Cole wrapping paper* Here. Help with some of these.

Cole: You guys really got everybody gifts?

James: They’re not ours. They’re Charlene’s.

Cole: All of these?

James: She insisted on giving all her characters something along with her family.

Elaina: Isn’t she the sweetest writer?

Cole: *slumps his shoulders* She already gave me the one thing I really wanted in her first book. I owe her as it is.

James: *hands him a box* I’m certain she’s not giving in hopes of receiving.

Cole: You didn’t really wrap all of these by hand did you? With your multi-tasking ability, she probably wanted you to wave a hand and do it all at once.

James: That would take the fun out of it. You’ll see.

Cole: *sits down, fumbles with the wrap, and scowls* No, James. I’m convinced Charlene wanted you to use magic for this.

Charlene: *enters and sets her hands on her hips* Okay, who pissed off Vince?

Cole: *crumples the wrapping paper and quickly shoves it to the side*

Charlene: Oh. Of course. Cole.

Elaina: *laughs* Oh, he’s just looking for some mistletoe with berries on it.

Charlene: Yeah, I gathered that. He’s grumbling and shooting at every clump he can find in my head!

James: You haven’t imagined mistletoe with berries?

Charlene: Augh! James, you’re a genius. Wait a second. *closes eyes*

Vincent: *runs back in* I found some! I don’t know how many of these things I had to shoot down, but I finally got some.

Charlene: *leers at him* Twenty-two. *shakes her head and leaves*

Vincent: Uh, yeah. Right. Sorry, Charlene. *grimaces and turns to Elaina, lifting a huge bush* Now, where’s that kiss?

Cole: Great Gods! She put enough berries on that clump.

James: *laughs and folds his arms* That aught to keep him occupied into the new year.




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